Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gone with the Wind collector plates

I've been having this Gone with the Wind craze for the last month or so if you see a bunch of these types of posts that's why. Two weeks ago I traveled to Toronto to see my dad for the weekend. Down there we went Antiquing in this flea market and one of the booths had Gone with the Wind plates. I must say this. I am terrible at taking my dad's antiquing poker face advice, because I was squeeling like a ditzy fan girl. The plate was like 90 dollars. A bit too expensive for my budget, I looked online on Ebay for these plates and they sell for alot cheaper. I think I'm going to start a collection one of these days. I just need to figure out where I will put them. ( I am not a hoarder... my bedroom just looks like it belongs to one). 

Gone with the Wind Costume Design

When I watch Gone with the Wind I am held captivated by the stunningly beautiful costume design by Walter Plunkett. Too much eye candy, I get a bit too giddy in my seat. :) Feast your eyes on these.